Traveling safely

AsĀ  tour operators we have a great responsibility to our passengers. Issues such as safety in transportation, accommodation, diving, activities, and problem solving are very important to us. Our tour guides will never take unnecessary risks and the safety of each passenger is paramount.

For example we ensure the driver doesn’t drive longer than 6 hours a day, takes regular breaks and follows traffic rules rigourously. We don’t work with dive-centres that take risks, for example by going out in bad weather conditions and by not maintaining their gear properly.

The truck in which we travel, is thoroughly checked before each departure by a mechanic and our tour guides. In all locations we only work with professionals who know the area, and who don’t make any concessions when it comes to your safety. On top of that, all tour guides are trained in first aid.


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It is always good common sense to keep the following safety tips in mind when traveling:

  • Always lock the front and/or patio doors when inside a hotel room and before leaving. Use the safety chain/lock for security.
  • Never open the hotel room door unless you know who is there. If you did not call for the service offered by the person at the door, call hotel security or the front desk to see if they have sent someone to your room.
  • Place valuables in a safety deposit box in your room or at the safe in the hotel office. Do not leave valuables in your car.
  • When checking into a hotel, consult the floor plan map on the back of your room door to familiarize yourself with fire and emergency exits.
  • When driving, keep all car doors locked.
  • Give or pin your cell phone number to children in case you are separated.
  • For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.


Understanding the safety of tourism is important. keep that in mind!