This blog was born out of the idea to use online technology to create a community for tourism that provides ongoing and accessible information for all parts of the industry, particularly for the small business operator that does not often get the opportunity to network and learn at conferences, workshops or industry events.

We are an independent website with the aim of representing all parts of the industry as our content grows.

Your contributions, ideas, comments and questions are invited and integral to ensure this community is useful for all who read and participate on it.

This Tourism Industry Blog is unique because it does not aim to be a publisher that keeps track of and announces industry news, but rather an interactive resource to help businesses and organizations succeed in tourism.  The intention is for a broad base of people in the industry to share their tips, ideas, experience and advice with content developed by the tourism community – written by us for us.

So, make the most of it by participating with your comments and if you’d like to become a regular “Contributor” of articles please email us.

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